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Our customers rely on quality Nadcap heat treating standards. So do we.

Nadcap is a certifier of manufacturing processes for aerospace and defense contractors. It is administered through the Performance Review Institute and requires OEMs to develop precise standards that must be met by certified suppliers. The industry-managed certification thus meets the OEM’s objective of having consistent standards for manufacturing, while suppliers, like Nevada Heat Treating, know precisely what the Nadcap heat treat benchmark standards are and work diligently to meet them.

Nadcap’s aerospace and defense prime contractors coordinate to develop industry-wide audit criteria for special processes and products with accredited suppliers. PRI schedules an audit and an auditor who will work from an industry approved checklist. At the end of the audit, any non-conformity issues will be raised through a non-conformance report. PRI works with the supplier to address and close out the non-conformance reports. Once the audit is completed, it is submitted by PRI to a ‘special process Task Group’ made up of members from these industries who review it and vote on its acceptability for approval. An approved supplier is Nadcap certified and ready to work with OEMs for the specific processes audited.

Many Nevada Heat Treating customers work with us because of our Nadcap heat treating certification. Nadcap heat treat certifications we have obtained include:

AC7004 Nadcap criteria for quality systems
AC7101/5 Nadcap criteria for Rockwell hardness testing
AC7102 Nadcap criteria for heat treating, including vacuum heat treating
AMS 2750 Pyrometry
AMS 2759/1 Heat treatment of steel parts (<220ksi) AMS 2759/2 Heat treatment of steel parts (>220ksi)
AMS 2759/3 Precipitation hardening / maraging steel parts
AMS 2759/4 Austenitic corrosion-resistant steel parts
AMS 2759/5 Martensitic corrosion-resistant steel parts
AMS 2759/9 Hydrogen embrittlement relief (baking) of steel parts
AMS 2769 Vacuum heat treating
AMS 2774 Nickel and cobalt base alloys
AMS 6875-H-CL-A Carbon and low alloy raw material
AMS 6875-H-CL-B Martensitic corrosion-resistant raw material
AMS 6875-H-CL-C Austenitic corrosion-resistant raw material
AMS 6875-H-CL-D Precipitation hardening/maraging raw material