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Nadcap Heat Treating

Nadcap Heat Treat Accreditation – Nevada Heat Treating Awarded a Two Year Merit

Carson City, NV / June, 2018 – As an industry leader of expert heat treating products and services, Nevada Heat Treating (NHT) was recently awarded a two year merit on their Nadcap heat treat accreditation. Designing and manufacturing jet engines and other sophisticated equipment requires exacting standards and a dedication to quality that will never be compromised. Nadcap is a third party quality assessment program that streamlines systems for material testing, heat treating, welding, and other similar services. Working with companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Honeywell Aerospace involves a rigorous review of NHT plant, equipment and personnel and Nadcap is one of the ways to the Aerospace industry identifies those who excel at manufacturing quality products through superior special processes.

Nadcap allows NHT to continuously perform and maintain a certified quality manufacturing system. It is nationally recognized as the gold standard for the aerospace parts and commercial machining industries. Nadcap officials extended certification to NHT as a result of its strict inspections of NHT’s high caliber plant, equipment, personnel and operations.

Continuing to achieve Nadcap accreditation is not easy and NHT prides itself on maintaining Nadcap’s rigorous standards. With this integrity and commitment to excellence, NHT customers can rest assure that they are receiving the highest quality of products and services when it comes to precision and value.

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