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Nevada Heat Treating Now Offering Aerospace Accredited Aluminum Heat Treating

Carson City, NV / April 27, 2018 – As an industry leader of expert heat treating products and services, Nevada Heat Treating (NHT) now offers Aerospace Accredited Aluminum Heat Treating. Taking into consideration many variables, the addition of this innovative, drop bottom furnace is used to treat aerospace and commercial jobs to the latest AMS Aluminum heat treating specifications.  
Since Aluminum requires rigid heat control, preciseness is essential. NHT prides itself with providing exceptional heat control resulting in Aluminum alloys that are easy to work during the forming process followed by aging to different strength levels. The Aluminum Drop Bottom Furnace is certified as a Class 2 furnace meets the AMS2750 standard and is equipped with multiple state-of-the art quenching systems. NHT supplies various heat treating capabilities and equipment necessary to achieve optimal solutions that are compliant and durable across all industries and is excited to add this new capability.
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